GCC Plotter Blade Types

May 1, 2022


Choose the Right Blade for Your Plotter and Film

The first step is to choose the correct blade angle. Depending on the type of media you are cutting, you will want to change the angle of the blade to optimize the quality of the cut. Without a nice, clean cut, the result will be a graphic that is difficult to weed. The blade angles available vary by manufacturer. The three most common that I see are 30, 45 and 60 degree angles. 


Blade Selection

 Vinylcutterparts blades
The 30 degree blade has the lowest angle with the least amount of blade exposed. The 60 degree blade has the sharpest angle and has more cutting surface on the blade, making it ideal for thicker materials. When choosing blade angle, the goal is to select one that will cut through the material and adhesive. If the blade angle isn’t high enough, the blade can actually drag through the material and create “vinyl ears,” causing a poor quality cut. Inversely, using a 60 degree blade on everything is a waste of a blade; because not all of the blade’s cutting area is used, you will also need to change blades more frequently since the sharper angle blade will dull faster.
Window Tint
At Vinylcutterparts we reccomend the 30 degree blade to get the most accurate clean tint cutting.