Error On Jaguar IV or Jaguar V

Jul 21, 2023

Carriage Sensor or VC Motor.

If you get this error mid way through the cut these are the steps you will need to take.

This error could be due to a few reasons. 
1. Blade is sticking out too much - Try removing the blade holder and run the job again - If the error does not appear - retract the blade and try again
2. encoder is dirty - Remove the carriage front cover - Use computer duster to gently blow out any debris on the encoder - the encoder is located on the left side of the carriage, you will see a small metal plate that moves up and down , make sure to not bend/fold it .
3. check white flat cable that connects onto the pcb board on top of the carriage - make sure it is seated in all the way. 
4. if all fails, replace carriage assembly.